How to help out this Christmas

Amid all the Christmas chaos, take the time out and help those less fortunate.

How to help out this Christmas

Giving isn’t just for the Christmas season, but because of how much we put into making Christmas special for ourselves, it seems only right that we do our part for others who aren’t as fortunate. Take a look at five ways you can help out this holiday season and make a difference in someone’s life today.


Many organisations work tirelessly this time of year to make the cold season liveable for many different groups of people who would otherwise be struggling. From working with the homeless to the elderly, organisations could always use an extra pair of hands, and that’s where you come in. Why not look for organisations in your local area and dedicate some time to help an important cause.


Donating is a great way to give back at this time of year. If you are able to donate money to a good cause, charities can always use that kind of support. However, if you aren’t able to give money, you could always donate food and other supplies to organisations that support that. Anything you can spare is worth passing on to those who otherwise would have to go without.

Do not panic buy

I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT panic buy. Panicking buying is selfish and unnecessary. We all witnessed the effect panic buying had on vulnerable people back in 2020, so if we can avoid a repeat of this, we must try. Consider the elderly or those less fortunate, and ONLY buy what you need.

Open your home

Now, I’m not suggesting you invite people you don’t know from the street into your home this Christmas, unless you live in the kind of quaint English village that would allow for this. However, what I am suggesting is teaming up with charities or causes – not unlike the Bisto Together Project – as a safe way of sharing your home with someone lonely or in need this Christmas. Obviously, Covid-19 is still very much a concern, so if you do this, ensure all necessary covid safe measures are in place for the safety of everyone involved.

Raise awareness

Many different charities do a lot of fundraising this time of year, and there are always ways you can get involved. One of the most notable is the annual Christmas Jumper Day which falls on December 10, with all proceeds going to ‘Save The Children’. There are loads of fun ways to raise awareness at Christmas time that not only put you in the Christmas spirit but give you another chance to give back, do some good and spread that Christmas joy. 

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