Hangout with Voice

Hangout with Voice

Join our weekly hangout as a way to try and fight off that lonely, isolating feeling of being in quarantine, while simultaneously scratching that itch to experience new, interesting and engaging art.

Each Wednesday we gather on Google Hangouts Meet at 17.00 to discuss new forms of online art and culture. From short films to museums, classical music to contemporary dance, each week we explore a different theme and get involved in culture - even from our homes. And we're inviting you!  

You can join from a computer or using an Android or iOS device. To make sure you stay in the loop, follow us on Twitter and Instagram where we'll be posting the link to join each week alongside the topic of discussion. 

Get stuck in as we chat about art with our friendly community, stave off quarantine loneliness, and learn something new in the meantime. 

If you're looking for a taste of what we've looked at previously, explore the links below. Seen something you think we should feature? Why not get in touch with us

We're taking a break! 

Thank you to everyone who has joined our Hangout with Voice sessions over the last few months - it's been a joy to share art, creativity and opinions as an online creative community. 

Although we're currently taking a break, we shall certainly be back soon with a monthly and more informal plan for the future of Hangout with Voice. 

If you miss us too much, don't forget to follow us on Instagram and get in touch - we'd always love to hear from you!