Voice Goes Live

Voice goes live

We are expanding beyond the written word to bring you more multimedia content, starting with two weekly series discussing the latest in art and culture. 

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Hangout with Voice: Curating an exhibition with Art UK3 June 2020
meet.google.com/sgi-mqfu-amp or dial in through the phone. ‪+44 20 3873 3170‬ PIN: ‪915 130 225 2109#‬
Instaviews: Artistic Director of Entelechy Arts David Slater
5 June 2020
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Voice Extra Podcast- Inside Voices: Sienna James6 June 2020
The latest episode, and all previous releases, are available on the Voice Extra Podcast feed


Throughout May, we will be holding live Q&A sessions with a whole variety of artists over on our Instagram channel

We kicked off our new live sessions with novelist Serena Kaur. Just in case you missed it, you can catch up with our online interview right here on Voice

Performance poet Luke Wright joined us next to chat about engaging with audiences through virtual means. You can read our interview with him prior to lockdown right here

Amy Worthington, podcaster and actress, joined us next to share her tips on an acting career as well as giving advice to at-home podcasters. You can find our chat on Voice's IGTV channel

Next up we were joined by Darius Shu and Arron Blake, the team behind Tribeca nominated short film His Hands. Catch up on our IGTV channel for all things film, script-writing and directing!

Field recordist and sound artist Benjamin Gale joined us to round-up the month of May to talk about his work recording binaural audio from the Gilet Jaunes protest in France. Interested in the diversity of sound? Give this Instaviews a listen. 

This week - 05/06/20

David Slater, Artistic Director of Entelechy Arts, will be joining us this Friday for a catch up about how arts organisations have been challenged during the Covid-19 pandemic. Entelechy Arts are all about championing the voices of marginalised people in our communities, so we'll be finding out how we can all get involved in making our communities more inclusive. 

David will also fill us in on Entelechy's latest projects and share his thoughts on the future of the post-pandemic arts and culture sector. Want to get into a creative career? This one is for you!

Don't forget to DM us your questions for David, or you can ask them live in the stream. Follow our Instagram to make sure you don't miss out. See you Friday!

Hangout with Voice

Join our weekly hangout as a way to try and fight off that lonely, isolating feeling of being in quarantine, while simultaneously scratching that itch to experience new, interesting and engaging art.

Each Wednesday we gather on Google Hangouts Meet at 17.00 to discuss new forms of online art and culture. From short films to museums, classical music to contemporary dance, each week we explore a different theme and get involved in culture - even from our homes. And we're inviting you!  

You can join from a computer or using an Android or iOS device. To make sure you stay in the loop, follow us on Twitter and Instagram where we'll be posting the link to join each week alongside the topic of discussion. 

Get stuck in as we chat about art with our friendly community, stave off quarantine loneliness, and learn something new in the meantime. 

If you're looking for a taste of what we've looked at previously, explore the links below. Seen something you think we should feature? Why not get in touch with us

This week - 03/06/20

Are you missing Britain's cultural sights and sounds? Art UK has created an innovative platform to allow users to create their own art gallery exhibitions online. Whether you love visiting museums or are simply interested in this new way to experience the world of art, we're going to be exploring this new virtual feature on Wednesday.

We'll see you, as usual, at 5pm. You can join via this link meet.google.com/sgi-mqfu-amp or dial in through the phone. ‪+44 20 3873 3170‬ PIN: ‪915 130 225 2109#‬

See you then!

Voice Extra podcast

The Voice Contributors will be sharing behind-the-scenes news with our listeners in this new series: Inside Voices. Join host Tayo to chat with the Voice team about the art they've been experiencing during lockdown and sneak peeks into future articles.

Inside Voices is released every Saturday and is streaming on all platforms. Find your streaming platform here