Arts Award Week Twitter Party: Highlights

The ArtsAward10 Twitter Party happened on Tuesday 5 July 2016 from 2.30 until 6.30pm. See our top tweets here, or find the full conversation on the hashtag #OurCreativeFuture.

Arts Award Week Twitter Party: Highlights

@Carlymaling1 asks - How has the arts award inspired you?

@FrenchDirector - arts award helped me gain more confidence by meeting professionals in my field and getting experience with them

@_AshleeYoung_ It helped me become more confident. I can go to events and network, using the platform arts award gave me.

@Taylortimes10 asks @sarahtallen & @Gamar What advice would you give yp to get into your industry?

@sarahtallen Practice your craft, continue to study, and be bold & take chances to achieve your goal

@ArtsAwardVoice@sarahtallen & @Gamar What advice would you give yp who want to start a career in creative arts on like where to start

@sarahtallen – Don't be afraid to volunteer, enjoy the process & learn from the people you meet along the way

@ksuperkayleigh What's the best way to approach someone in the industry for mentor/careers advice?

@creativechoices - Be clear about what you're asking. Manage expectations. Flatter them! See

@Hiive @KSuperKayleigh use channels like Twitter, LinkedIn or HIIVE and try engage them or else find their email via their company email signature

@intofilm_edu Read articles, watch credits to get the names of people you admire, then do your research

@ellenorange94 asks @lspraggan - How do you get your art form heard?

@lspraggan Perseverance. It's about pushing your art out there and playing all the shows that you can!

@hopeldn asks @intofilm_edu & @Gamar as film/TV changes with digital tech, how can new entrants stay ahead of the game?

@Gamar A5.The key is to stay passionate, focused and keep surprising!

@Carlymaling1 asks: Do you think it's important for young people to be surrounded by arts and culture?

@Anthony1983 - it's essential. It's how we respond, shape and preserve our society.

@elspethrebecca asks @rundemcrew & @lspraggan - What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

@rundemcrew Answer: @ArtsAwardVoice @elspethrebecca @lspraggan Believe in yourself,be brave,never let anyone make you feel U are not enough.


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