Fashion workshop with Mini’s World founder Adwoa Owusu-Darko

Understand more about fashion, entrepreneurship and styling in this short workshop

Fashion workshop with Mini’s World founder Adwoa Owusu-Darko

What is an artist workshop?

We love helping young people explore the arts and creative careers. That's why we're hosting short and simple Artist Workshops here on Voice. In this series, you'll be able to learn more about innovative artists in the creative industries and take a deep-dive into different art forms.

In this workshop, we're joined by Adwoa Owusu, a young fashion entrepreneur who founded her own creative business, Mini's World. Below is a short video where you can find out more about her creative career journey. You can then participate in a straightforward 5-step guide to creating your own style identity.

We hope you enjoy!

Q&A with Adwoa Owusu-Darko: what is a fashion entrepreneur?

Check out the video below to find out about Adwoa's creative career. We asked:

  • What’s your artform and when did you first get interested in it?
  • What steps did you take to turn your interest/hobby into an arts career?
  • What has been the most challenging part?
  • What part have you found unexpectedly enjoyable?
  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a similar arts career?

How to find your style identity: a five-step guide

Firstly, pick a favourite item from your wardrobe. This could be a top, a pair of shoes or a particular accessory. 

Secondly, pick an item that makes you feel particularly confident when you wear it. 

Thirdly, take a moment to consider: are they the same item? If yes, start thinking about why. Is it the colour, the shape, the fit, the pattern or something else? If not, start thinking about what piece that you’d love and also could make you feel confident.

Fourthly, think about one coat, a pair of shoes or some jewelry that could go with the above item that you love and which also makes you feel confident. Why did you pair those things together and what aesthetic does it give you?

For example, it could be business casual, sport, luxe, retro, 70s, urban, eclectic, monochromatic, Parisian chic, or something entirely different. You don’t have to have a specific aesthetic in mind if you don’t know what it could be. Instead, you could have a sense of the vibe the clothes give off and use that to base how you want to dress. If you have multiple words or vibes that’s great too!

Finally, based on that vibe or the words you chose, create a little mood board. You could use Pinterest, Canva, TikTok, Instagram, or your diary. All you’re doing is saving images, words, or videos that compliment the fashion aesthetic(s) you’d like to wear and that reflects the sense of style you want. 

Now with those thought processes in mind, you can use them to shape numerous things as you embark on your creative career. For example, it could guide how you think about branding, creative synergy, or simply showing up to that interview and setting a brilliant first impression because you feel good and look good! No matter the industry, applying critical creative thinking to your work is always positive, and I am sure it’ll bring out the best of your creative ideas.

Happy outfit curating!

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