Case Study: Shannon Hay, Arts Award Activist

Shannon has just joined the Youth Network as an Activist, and is currently working on her Gold Arts Award with Chichester Festival Theatre.

Case Study: Shannon Hay, Arts Award Activist

What was your first experience of Arts Award?

I first heard about Arts Award through my youth theatre (Chichester Festival Youth Theatre), some of my friends were doing their Bronze and Silver at the time and they would always rave about it. I looked into doing it myself but for some reason I never followed it through…I regret that now! Arts Award then resurfaced when I took my apprenticeship at CFT (Chichester Festival Theatre) this year and the opportunity to take my Gold Arts Award came along with the job. So now here I am planning for my Gold and I have to say I am very excited to start bringing my ideas to life.

How have you found the beginning of your Arts Award?

I am only at the planning stage of my Award, however, I have found it so exciting to plan and put my ideas on to paper. I have already done some market research for my unit 2 section, just to check it would be something people would be interested in and it was very promising.

Do you think your Arts Award will take you to any unexpected places?

I am not too sure yet but I hope it does. It would be good to go and see and experience new things and I think Arts Award can definitely do that for me.

Why did you decide to join the Youth Network?

The Youth Network looked like such an amazing opportunity for me to develop new skills within the arts. I love performing and my long term goal is to become a professional actor, however, I would also love to have experience with other areas within the arts and the Youth Network allows you to do this, by introducing you to new people and informing you of events and conferences that are to do with what you love.

What do you hope to experience in your time on the Youth Network?

I hope to experience a lot of NEW things and learn about what else there is within the creative arts industry.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of giving Arts Award a go?

Just go for it and try something new! You may have had something in the back of your mind that you have been burning to try for ages…well use your Arts Award to try it, that's what I am doing. Arts Award gives you the opportunity to try something new and focus on something you already love and are good at. Don't hold back and use the opportunity and experience to help further yourself.

Read more about the Youth Network Activist role and the Gold Arts Award.


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