Case Study: Carli Green, Arts Award Activist

Carli Green has joined the Arts Award Youth Network as an Arts Award Activist, and is currently completing his Gold at Sixth Sense Theatre Company.

Case Study: Carli Green, Arts Award Activist

What was your first experience of Arts Award?

The words 'Arts Award' have floated in and out of my life for at least 5 years now, but until a few months ago not enough information had come my way to cause me to have the 'Why am I not doing this already?' reaction that I eventually did and instantly got involved.

Which levels did you complete, (or are you currently working on)?

I have started to complete Arts Award Gold as part of my internship at Sixth Sense Theatre Company and already it is giving me the focus to be able to improve my own skills as well as discovering new ones.

Which is your favorite level and why?

Gold is definitely my favorite as it gives you the opportunity to explore, with a structure, your own art form in ways you may not have previously thought of. It also opens up the opportunity to begin to work with professionals during the leadership part of things. That opportunity is so useful, especially to me wanting to go into such a competitive industry, as you are already networking and establishing relationships those in the industry. Getting your foot in the door early just gets you that little step ahead.

What was the best thing that you have learnt — about the arts, or yourself — while completing your Arts Award?

Over the past few weeks I have started to lead my own drama sessions at schools and colleges. I am beginning to develop my own styles of delivery and experimenting with what can and can't work in theatre workshops. I think the biggest lesson I've learnt since starting my arts award has been to not be afraid to make mistakes. I have made so many over the past month, but I have learnt from them and built upon them.

Did your Arts Award take you to any unexpected places?

I didn't think I would be delivering workshops in schools for children under the age of 10 but now it is one of my aims to get better at at this. I hope to improve my workshop skills across all ages, something I hadn't considered before beginning my arts award. I didn't think I'd be this close to

Why did you decide to join the Arts Award Youth Network?

I joined the Youth Network so that I could help promote Arts Award more both in my local area and across the country. I'm sure there are many people who like me, knew nothing about it but yet would greatly benefit from doing that. That's just unfair. I want to be able to reach them while developing my own attributes.

What do you hope to experience in your time on the Youth Network?

I joined the team with planning and event skills in mind, wanting to be able to put together a good event for others to attend. Also helping shape the way Arts Award move forwards in how it connects with young people and links them to the arts. Also after meeting the team I look forward to working with such fun, enthusiastic and creative people.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of giving Arts Award a go?

My outlook on life it to try every opportunity you can and Arts Award is another opportunity. It can take you to so many different places, teach you so many different things and allow you the independence to begin shaping yourself into someone who understands your craft or art form. However, it can't do any of that if you don't at least give it a try.

Read more about the Youth Network Activist role and the Gold Arts Award.


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  • Diana Walton

    On 16 October 2015, 14:00 Diana Walton Voice Team commented:

    Hey Carli, good thoughts and glad Arts Award has helped you make mistakes! Did you know that Einstein said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

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