Munich Science & Fiction Festival: The fusion of art and tech

This Mozilla Festival session explored the hybrid nature of events, using a groundbreaking festival as an example of what can be achieved when art and technology come together.

Munich Science & Fiction Festival: The fusion of art and tech

The interdisciplinary Munich Science & Fiction Festival - Art and Science hosted a session at Mozilla Festival 2021, where creators Ronit Wolf and Marcus Morba discussed the experiences and challenges with hybrid events, preparing for the unknown and how their festival ‘attracts and connects many different species from various cultures and planets.’

This year, the title for the Science and Fiction Festival project is called ‘Dark Matter’, although quite what that entails is still a mystery. So far, the website is a fun and interactive experience, and hosts a trailer – but not much more. The trailer was made in cooperation with Students of the University of Lucerne (Switzerland). The futuristic feel, bright colours and captivating visuals provide for a unique experience of sci-fi and technology.


Ronit Wolf spoke on the whimsy of art and technology as well as the importance of understanding the limitlessness of creation. “I created the first and only festival in Germany combining Art, Science and Science-Fiction – The Munich Science & Fiction Festival,” she said. 

“I did that at a time when nearly all institutions in Munich found that rather odd. Now it’s more accepted. You have to recognise the importance of individuality and know that creation is limitless if you want to develop your dreams” stressed Ronit. 

Art and technology run parallel, with great examples in music such as MiMu gloves or in animation at leading film studios such as Walt Disney. This festival, which is in its 8th year, challenges our perceptions of art through the means of technology. 

“Governed by the new aesthetics, the virtual, the scientific and the logic that is beyond belief, technology in art challenges our perceptions and that is what creativity and science are all about,” said Marcus Morba Creative Tech Lead of Munich Science & Fiction Festival.

Dark matter is due to be released this autumn, and in the lead-up is releasing sneak peaks and more information of what should be expected. 

So, if you're a future caretaker, scientist, artist, utopian, or alien, this festival will surely meet your needs and challenge what art looks like to you. 

For more info visit the website: https://ww

Header Image Credit: muc-sf-festival


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    Thanks so much for this great article! And visit us some day soon in Munich, !

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