How to make a Kandi Cuff Bracelet

For the skill share section of my Arts Award, I chose to show how to make a type of jewellery called Kandi. 

How to make a Kandi Cuff Bracelet

Kandi is a popular type of jewellery to make, gift, share, and wear. It became popular because of its bright colours and versatile nature - once you know how to do the different types of stitch, you can make almost anything from bracelets and necklaces, crowns and tiaras, to masks, bags, and even costumes! It is made from relatively cheap materials so it's more accessible than a lot of other jewellery types. 

To make Kandi jewellery, all you need is Jewellery elastic, Pony beads in whatever colours you want to use, and a pair of scissors! 

I chose to use captions rather than speech on my video, because I personally find it easier when following tutorials to have captions that I can pause the video on to read rather than having to skip back and listen a number of times. I wrote a set of instructions to follow to make sure they made sense and I didn't miss any of the steps in the video or captions. I ran through the process a couple of times as a rehearsal and then began filming. I found it was easier to film each stage separately, so that if I made a mistake or wasn't happy with it I only had to re-record that stage rather than the whole process. I then edited the clips together using an application called Kinemaster, and added the captions and background music. 

You can see the finished video here :

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  • Charlotte Ralph

    On 6 January 2021, 16:56 Charlotte Ralph commented:

    What a great video tutorial Charlotte! It started with nice easy instructions of the materials we need and the written instructions really helped the filmed process. If you were going to improve this tutorial you might want to try different colour and style fonts and see which ones stand out the best, as you want your written instructions to be as clear as possible. Also if there was a way of using coloured elastic so we could see clearly how it is being used that might also help. On the whole and excellent tutorial, nicely edited - loved the music! Well done!

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