That Classical Podcast: This podcast is a must-listen

 “That Classical Podcast” is fantastically accessible and paints the picture of classical music with a whole new palette of colours which can be unanimously appreciated.

That Classical Podcast: This podcast is a must-listen

For too many people classical music appears unattainable. Some think it’s only for smart people, some think it’s only for old people, while others think it’s only for the rich. Most who don’t like it have never tried to like it. With roughly 400 years of music to choose from, surely there must be something for everyone. The reputation of classical music as “prim and proper” with no emotive capacity is false and this podcast topples that stereotype, giving way to the version of classical music that I know and love.

Kelly, Chris, and Sascha successfully detach the ‘genius’ title which is tagged onto every composer by principle and can alienate them from society. They reveal the weird and wonderful aspects of their eccentric and sometimes jaw-dropping personalities, experiences and relationships. That Classical Podcast is the perfect resource to delve into this surprising strand of history and discover the ways in which we are still influenced by these extraordinary people and the events of their lives. 

Despite the astonishing achievements of some of these composers, Kelly, Chris, and Sascha often prioritize conversations about odd and seemingly unrelated facts. After one of their classic 60-second biography challenges on Johannes Brahms, highlighting his sustained widespread success with European audiences, Kelly and Chris proceed to having a discussion about the abnormally large beard sported by the composer towards the end of his life. As well as endless other random facts, they mention relevant political history – including Richard Wagner’s ties to Adolf Hitler and anti-Semitism – whilst also never failing to examine the questionable love lives of many of these people.

The presenters’ passion for the subject is obvious and infectious, giving the podcast an addictive quality, which will leave you always craving the next episode. The casual and amusing nature of the conversations make the information comprehensible and easy to digest. Whether you already have an interest in the subject or it’s completely new territory, let yourself learn.

That Classical Podcast is available to download on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts through their website

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Ellen Taylor

Ellen Taylor

Ellen is currently in her 3rd year studying classical piano at trinity laban conservatoire of music and dance. she has enjoyed a varied musical career including teaching, playing in an Orchestra and performing in many venues including Wigmore Hall and The Royal Albert Hall. She also enjoys playing classical guitar, walking her dog and improving her cooking skills in her spare time.

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