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I attended a pantomime performance of Dick Whittington on Thursday 5th December 2019 

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What happened at the art event? we watch a pantomime. This heled us with our acting skills.    

What art forms were involved: involved musical and acting  

Why I went to the event: see how the actors act and get some ideas from the actors and try to copy them and learn how to perform 

The things I like: I liked it when all the actors came on stage and started to perform. 

The things I didn’t like and why: at the start there was a rat because I’m of rats and I hated the king rat because he looked scary and was evil to the characters and he didn’t be nice to the characters. 

I would/would not recommend it to others because:  I would recommend to people to go because it was good and it was interesting you will scream and shout the whole way through but not with the rat in it.  

What I learnt from the experience: I have learnt that they used good gestures and I understood what was going on (facial expression body languages) and a pantomime is a musical not only singing but there was raps too. They kept the tradition of having a Dame (a man dressed as a woman).  


Sayyidah Khatun

Sayyidah Khatun

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  • Francoise Moore

    On 27 July 2020, 22:10 Francoise Moore commented:

    Sayyidah the rat in the pantomime wasn’t scary! I agree the gestures they used were great! It’s good you picked up on these as they are an important part of pantomime.

  • Julia Williams

    On 17 September 2020, 12:14 Julia Williams commented:

    Sounds like an interesting show. It's good that you have learnt about the performance skills, lets hope you can use them with your own acting.

  • Sayyidah Khatun

    On 20 September 2020, 22:38 Sayyidah Khatun commented:

    yes i will be starting to use these acting skills in my own acting

  • Sayyidah Khatun

    On 21 September 2020, 12:19 Sayyidah Khatun commented:

    well ms moore i would be still be scared of it even if it is fake or real because rats are my worst fearers.

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