Activists: passionate people taking action

Why do we feel inspired by activists?

Activists: passionate people taking action

In this world we are living today, horizons seem uncertain. Us, young people, keep getting said that there is no future. It seems like all we hear about is “Climate Change” and I am sure it causes anxiety and fear in many people. We feel the necessity of doing something, let our voices be heard. And this is when activists get on the spotlight. 

Activists are the people we assign the position of “voice of the society” to. They are the ones who put up a vigorous campaign to bring about the real change. They have a very important role in society: they take leadership roles, make visible the problems, spread the word, make people become aware of what´s happening, and incite them to take action. 

The “big subjects” of our world (such as hunger, social inequity, gender violence, and government issues) shouldn’t be problems limited to their victims, they have to be publically known to a society with increasing need of information and instant access to it. And because of this is why activists take social matters as their own, and the necessity of a solution comes on. 

Before I wrote this, I decided to make a poll to see what people thinks about activists, and if you take a look, you are very likely to find things like “they move masses”, “they call us to fight”, “they are an example”, or even “they take scientific facts and bring them to the people”.

This is all true. If we think about climate crisis, it is not possible to imagine a real change without activists. We have all seen it: activist organizations such as Extinction Rebellion and Fridays For Future have made a great impact towards fighting climate change. But there are many more, and if we count the actions of single activists that make all they possibly can to change the world… dear readers, I am sure our planet will be alright. 

This is why activists are inspiring: because of their passion for helping others, contribute to society, make a positive impact and fight for our future. Anyone can be an activist. If your convictions are strong and you are willed to speak up and make noise in the streets, you fit for the job. 

Our world needs passionate people.

Header Image Credit: Image from Greta Thumbeg's Instagram page


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