WebinArt Workshop: Stand out from the crowd: Building a brand online by Chloe Hardisty

Learn how to use Instagram to market both yourself and your business.

WebinArt Workshop: Stand out from the crowd: Building a brand online by Chloe Hardisty

Chloe’s webinar looks at how creatives can build a brand online, using Instagram, blogging, and a strong website design. She tells the story of how she built her brand online and the lessons she learnt. Chloe goes into how to develop a strong brand identity, how to attract your tribe, use of photography and how to develop good content. Furthermore, she talks about brands that have inspired her and who have also built strong businesses online, drawing out the key lessons from each brand.

Areas of focus:

- How to use Instagram for business, and will understand what some of the good examples of this are. 

- The importance of a strong brand identity/story and know how to start this process off for themselves.

- The benefits and opportunities around building a brand online including getting paid for content creation, increased sales and brand awareness.

Chloe Hardisty is a designer maker living and working in Loughborough. She creates modern, design led craft kits for adults and children through her business Cotton Clara. Her passion is to enable everyone to have a go at making something beautiful for themselves or their home, while keeping traditional crafts alive. With a love of colour and typography Chloe loves the process of developing the brand and story around her business, particularly through Instagram and her blog. Chloe also writes for craft magazines and other publications, developing original content around crafting and interiors.

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