Interview: LUENA

We caught up with LUENA to talk about her newest release ‘Honeymoon Phase’, how it has been being on tour with The Vamps(!), and when she realised she wanted to be a singer.

Interview: LUENA

Riding high after the success of her debut single ‘Worth It’, lyricist and musician LUENA has since returned to release her powerfully emotional new single ‘Honeymoon Phase’. The track, with it’s enrobing synths and LUENA’s powerful vocals, shows a tender side to this talented artist and demonstrates her ability to write relatable and yet beautiful lyrics.

We caught up with LUENA to talk about her newest release ‘Honeymoon Phase’, how it has been being on tour with The Vamps(!), and when she realised she wanted to be a singer.

Hi LUENA! So, can you sum up your new single ‘Honeymoon Phase’ in three words?

HEY! Three words to honeymoon phase are love, happiness and self-confidence. I chose these words because it’s a feel good song but it’s also about reassuring the person that they are good enough for love.

Can you tell us about the song writing process for the new single? Did you write the lyrics or melody first?

I wrote this song with Pete and Dante from Three Bears Ent. They are super amazing! I remember saying I wanted to write a song about the honeymoon phase in a relationship that would never end. Pete started working on the beat and Dante and I came up with melodies first and then words just fitted into place.

When did you first realise that you wanted to pursue a career as a singer and songwriter?

when I was 3 years old I had a video tape of Mariah Carey singing and one day I turned around to my mum and I said I’m going to be her one day. I could barely speak because I was still a baby haha! So it was a shock to my mum when I said it!

What is the first album you remember listening to?

The first album I remember listening to was Britney Spears ‘...Baby one more time’ and I would repeat the song “Sometimes” all day long.

You’re going on tour with The Vamps! How are you feeling about this?

YES! So I’m on tour the vamps and it’s been so amazing so far, the vamps are lovely guys and make time to come and talk the rest of us opening the show, so it’s been a pleasure being on tour with them, but also to mention the audiences on every city have been so loud and so amazing!!

What song are you most looking forward to performing live?

I’m really looking forward to performing HUMBLE live. It’s my next single and it’s one of my favourites!!! It’s a self powering song, boosting yourself!!

Can you give us any hints about what you’re going to be up to for the rest of this year….?

Two letters, 1 word: E P HUNNY!!! Can’t say too much but there’s a lot that’s coming!!

Check out LUENA’s brand new music video below, and stay tuned to see what this rising star gets up to next…

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