Art by Santiago Ribeiro for the first time in British Lands

Chelsea, London 22 – 24 February 2019 

Art by Santiago Ribeiro for the first time in British Lands

London, 13/01/2019 The art of the Portuguese artist Santiago Ribeiro will be for the first time in British lands more precisely in the city of London. Santiago is the promoter and creator of the world largest 21st century surrealist art exhibition, the International Surrealism Now.

To the United Kingdom he was invited by the Parallax Art Fair manager, Mr Tom Moore, to exhibit at Chelsea Town Hall in London. Chelsea, London 22 – 24 February 2019 


PAFdeveloped from an international exhibition called “Parallax” in 2009. Although independent, it still forms an investigative research process, which makes it unique in terms of open exhibitions and fairs designed for exhibitors and designers. Practically, PAF is a new kind of event and different from a dealer fair that many exhibitors may have experienced. One of its aims is to encourage exhibitors and designers to think about their business role. 

Below is the painting "Butterflies" arrived a few time ago from China Taiwan where was selected to be on Get Art Museum at Art Revolution Taipei will go now to be exhibit in London.


Note: The renowned cultural magazine, The Culture Trip, named 10 Portuguese artists as the most internationally recognized at the present time and Santiago Ribeiro it is one of them. 

Also after an impressive multimedia show on the giant screens of Times Square in New York Ribeiro's work has been featured at the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon, in the Portuguese American Journal , inDigital Meets Culture ,Pressenza fr ,, Pravda in Portuguese , The Herald News , ARTVOICE, Associated Press , EFE, APA ots,AAP, Reuters, ANA, News Aktuell and many other publications...



The 13th edition of the International Surrealism Now exhibition 2019 in the city of Marinha Grande in Portugal has at the moment the participation of 120 artists from 50 countries in the five continents.

Adresses and contacts: 

London, UK - Parallax Art Fair, which takes place at the newly refurbished

Chelsea Town Hall, King’s Road, Chelsea, London, on Friday 22nd February,


Header Image Credit: @santiagoribeiro


Santiago Ribeiro

Santiago Ribeiro

Santiago Ribeiro has been creating art as a professional painter for the last 35 years. In that time, Ribeiro has achieved worldwide recognition as a surrealist painter and his works have been featured in museums and galleries across the globe. Ribeiro’s fantastic works have also been seen on the streets of Manhattan adorning the giant screens of Times Square.

Ribeiro is currently organizing the 2018 International Surrealism Now Exhibition in Coimbra, Portugal. Founded in 2010 by Ribeiro, the exhibition has become the largest surrealist arts festival in the world. This year’s event will take place November 17th to January 2019, and artists and visitors from all over will descend on Coimbra for the event.

The Portuguese surrealist painter continues to receive praise for his work. In 2017, his painting titled ‘Butterflies’ was featured at the Art Revolution Taipei festival. Ribeiro is always expecting the unexpected and he continues to paint diligently each day.

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