Voice's New Year Resolutions 2019

We all know the drill by now - new year, new you!

Voice's New Year Resolutions 2019

The year is quickly coming to the new end, which means new opportunities are on the horizon. The start of a new year provides a helpful starting point for a new chapter in your life - one where you can work towards becoming the person you aspire to be. Whether it’s becoming a fitness fanatic, or completely stripping plastic from your life, or taking the plunge and swearing off meat, there are many goals that you can work towards. 

I asked some of the Voice team what it was they wanted to work on in 2019, and have collected their answers before.


2f36e94189538d523eecf52eabdee9a29dc736b8.jpgAbandon Plastic All Ye Who Enter Here.  After Veganuary what about trying PlasticFreeFebruary, and have a go at buying no plastic for 28 days.  At least it'll make us think of alternatives... 😀


dfe64b9e6bfa882ed6140b3d8ce488e363f9ad3c.jpgThe usual: get fitter, spend more time with family etc... perhaps read more?


16557f1933bc9aab594b36b0dfa057fdd0296ba6.jpgMy resolution this year is to stop putting myself last and ending up in miserable situations. Sometimes you can't help the people you love if you are not well yourself so I plan to take care of myself more so I can then care for my friends and family.


d6bb5f89c73089efbb6432ba1baa2a74db1075ff.jpgMine would be to learn how to take positive feedback. Hopefully this means that I can keep myself motivated consistently and actually enjoy the things I create more.


e00803494b8a6615a89e658100c1c27c079ed94c.jpgIn 2019 I'm really hoping to develop a more community-looking mindset - volunteering at church and just engaging with people in my town.


f53e00ae1eeebf84d3fab58f60326848d4a07a7d.jpgI wrote a blog post last year detailing my resolutions, and on the whole I didn’t manage all that many. This year I think I’m going to be more vague and just work on finishing things. Whether it’s those books I started to read and never finished, or the country wish list, or learning to scuba dive. I just want to have a richer life experiences


bcd690102b8785eaa2d0b79f994339d10ce8c4c2.jpg2019 will be the year I exchange the word ‘sorry’ for ‘thank you’. Just that simple ‘thank you for waiting for me!’ Instead of my usual ‘I’m sorry I’m late’. That and improving punctuality.


1e18366af63514c68cb07628851d5ed61d63ede9.jpg2019 will be the year that I yeet palm oil out of my life and move towards making a more sustainable lifestyle for myself, including (but not limited to) reducing waste, buying more locally and trying to break up with that wicked temptress that is plastic.


e008955b3c43ae3a52dc1d1c7e5a27af05162c48.jpgAlong with my usual half-observed resolutions, namely, to read more broadly, be more politically engaged and actually keep my resolutions, this year I’d like to learn more by heart. Sometimes it’s important to carry what you’ve read with you, to internalise it and really inhabit it. Learning for the sake of learning, a kind of idle learning - be it a favourite poem, a scene from a film, or a music score - outside of the pressures of productivity, and to give more time to that. That’s my resolution.

Check in with me twelve months on; let’s see if I even remember noting this down. I’m interested to see how I do. What was that? I said the same thing last year? Surely not.


Tom Inniss

Tom Inniss Voice Team

Tom is the Editor of Voice. He is a politics graduate and holds a masters in journalism, with particular interest in youth political engagement and technology. He is also a mentor to our Voice Contributors, and champions our festivals programme, including the reporter team at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe..

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