My Childrens book

For my silver arts award my final  piece was a children's book I both wrote and illustrated. 

For my Silver Arts Award I look at childrens book illustration. I went to a workshop run by a local artist Del Thorpe and enjoyed using an inkpen to draw with. So I decided to look into the illustrator Quentin Blake as he draws in ink. I studied him for the arts hero section too. I also ran a workshop based on his style as well as two other illustrators. So finally i illustrated the story i had written in a similar style too. Let me know what you think of it.


Isaac James

Isaac James

I'm 16 years old and have done a bronze and silver arts award, I am now doing another bronze arts award on film making.

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  • Emrys Green

    On 14 December 2017, 11:54 Emrys Green Voice Team commented:

    Fantastic work Isaac! You're illustrations are lovely with this story and you've clearly developed well. What tips have you learnt from you study of Quentin Blake?

  • Coco Doyle

    On 14 December 2017, 19:50 Coco Doyle commented:

    I particularly like the snail and how the robot appears to be coming in from the edge, not sure how you did that but it is a good effect

  • Isaac James

    On 15 December 2017, 15:43 Isaac James commented:

    thanks for your comments I really appreciate it the main hing I have learnt is that not all art work has to be neat and perfect.

  • Isaac James

    On 15 December 2017, 15:46 Isaac James commented:

    also that there are a lot more different styles then I though.

  • Luke Taylor

    On 18 December 2017, 10:48 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    This is brilliant, Isaac! Have you considered becoming an illustrator?

  • Isaac James

    On 1 January 2018, 19:27 Isaac James commented:

    Thank you Luke Taylor, I don't think i want to be an illustrator but i enjoyed doing this story.

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