Christine Tarquinio's 'All Angles' Echoes the Power of Family and Determination

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Christine Tarquinio has released, marking a return since her mid-2023 EP. The single delves into the complex interplay of control and vulnerability, drawing from Tarquinio's role as a mother. 

Christine Tarquinio's 'All Angles' Echoes the Power of Family and Determination

On Thursday, 29th February 2024, singer-songwriter, Christine Tarquinio has released her latest single, "All Angles", which is sure to entrance audiences. The Melbourne, Australia-based musician, who is well-known for her sensitive and diverse sound, is overjoyed to introduce this new chapter of her music journey.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Daniel Nieberg, 'All Angles' is a journey inside the intricate dance of control, strength, and unspoken struggles within. Christine Tarquinio exposes the raw emotions of projecting a tough façade while dealing with inner battles. The song reaches into the profound sense of presence required to defend one's family when it matters most, delivering a powerful and relatable narrative.

With 'All Angles', Christine Tarquinio took her time, being her first release since her EP in mid-2023. She utilised her guitar to establish the emotional framework for her songs, drawing inspiration from her role as a mother and the challenges of family life.

A skilled storyteller who emerged in 2014, Christine can be described as a synthesis of Taylor Swift's storytelling, Ed Sheeran's acoustic charm, Coldplay's anthemic vibe, and Muse's mysterious allure. When you add in a dash of Gwen Stefani's cool, Natalie Imbruglia's vulnerability, and Jewel's poetic grace, you are presented with Christine Tarquinio.

Christine wears numerous hats. She is fostering the next generation of vocal talent as a singing teacher. When she’s not working her vocal magic, she draws on her family's support and encourages them to chase their dreams. Her passion is her family, and her songs often reflect the pleasures and challenges of being a parent.

Christine Tarquinio is celebrating nearly a decade since her debut release and is committed to sustainability and the creation of new music. Christine is looking forward to seeing what the next decade has in store for her musical career, as she remains wholeheartedly committed. 


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