Skies Behind Shares Journey of Resilience in new EP 'The Spaces'

Independent rock band Skies Behind, hailing from the cultural hotspot of Cork, Ireland, has unveiled a new EP, "The Spaces" on January 5th, 2024.

After the introductory "Solace", the EP's narrative unfolds with the poignant "Red Eyes", where the protagonist grapples with the aftermath of trauma. The journey continues through tracks like "I Love It", which exposes the societal pressure to project perfection, and "Seven Months", an exploration of the profound impact relationships have on our lives. Each track is a chapter in a larger story, contributing to the overall theme of resilience and the pursuit of meaning.

One of the EP's strengths lies in its ability to tackle universal themes with authenticity and vulnerability. "So Many Ways" reflects on the passage of time and the impact of departed loved ones, while "CSB" serves as a philosophical reflection on life's absurdities. The lyrics convey a profound realization that to live a meaningful life, one must focus on what truly matters and let go of the irrelevant questions that burden us.

Overall, this EP is an exploration of the resilience required to navigate life's challenges.


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