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Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human was a video game that follows three stories from the perspective of three androids. It became the best-selling game, producing millions of copies worldwide. For Quantic Dream (the company that created Detroit: Become Human), it was their best game for gamers.

It is a game that motivates and forces to reflect on the choices that you have made in the society that we live in. Everything about this game was amazing, especially the characters. Not only was the storyline for each character executed successfully, but the characters also were very different from one another. For example, Kara’s sole purpose is to take care of Alice, not caring about anything else and trying to survive whereas Markus loses everything and becomes a Messiah of sorts, fighting for the rights of his people (other androids). Depending on what ending is chosen, Connor either advocates for the rights of androids or betrays the movement. All of these characters have one thing in common; they are all remarkably represented in a way that is relatable and human. Also, the soundtrack and graphics fit very well with the game overall, emphasising the intricacies and complexities. Additionally, it highlights the factors that are involved within a universe where androids are normalised, such as political and religious. They are not obvious, but they are implied implicitly. This is done very well, making the game more immersive and enjoyable.

The title itself is interesting. In this universe, you quickly become aware of how inconsiderate humans have become because they are reliant on androids. Then, these sentient androids are aware of the inequality that exists between them and humans. As a result of this, they are understanding and kind … hence the title, Detroit: Become Human.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and was completely pleased with my experience.  

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