Looking for Giants in Edinburgh following London preview success

Funny, perplexing and seductive one-woman show that follows one girl's quest for self-discovery in  her sexual awakening. Starring fasr rising Sottih actor Abby McCann and written and directed by Cesca Echlin.

Looking for Giants in Edinburgh following London preview success

Looking for Giants follows one young woman’s quest for self-discovery as she attempts to separate fantasy from reality – then questions if she should even try when her fantasies are so much more alluring and exciting.

Following two sold out preview performances at London's Camden People's Theatre, which got four star critical acclaim,  it's heading for the Edinburgh Fringe from 3 to 3 August and can be seen daily at 2.35pm at Underbelly's Cowgate venue.

A semi-autobiographical, fun, sparkling and complex debut from the pen ofFringe first time writer Cesca Echlin, it draws an extraordinary performance from young Scottish actor Abby McCann who assumes multiple roles. 

In time-split and flashback we follow the unnamed central character’s quest to discover just who she is amongst the myths she creates. Along the way she encounters a variety of male characters who influence her thoughts, strengthen her fantasies and blur her narrative and boundaries.

Never afraid to confront the ways that women can perpetuate the stereotypes that are still only too common, the play includes scenes that that deal directly with sex, sexting and pornography that may shock or surprise the audience. It looks to reduce the stigma around female sexuality and diversify how female sexuality is staged by including a strong element of humour. ’Sex and desire are such unpredictable things that seem to come out of nowhere. All we can do is step back and laugh.’ Cesca explained.

Cesca continued ‘Although the play centres on the ways women of today conceive of themselves and of their sexuality, I think the play speaks to much wider themes that affect all genders, particularly around how we hold on to fantasies and myths in order to make sense of our lives’

Abby McCann added ‘We hope audiences can recognise some aspects of their past or present selves. We’re aiming for a mix of intimacy and humour.’

There are preview performances at Camden People’s Theatre, London on 12 and 13 July. Looking for Giants is performed by Abby McCann, written and directed by Cesca Echlin and produced by Mathilda Wood for emerging company That What’s Wild. It contains adult themes and explorations of sexuality so is recommended for audiences 16+.

Cesca’s CV includes working as Executive Assistant to Lucy Prebble and Billie Piper on the second TV season of I Hate Suzie. This is her first play. Abby is from Glasgow and grew up attending the Fringe. In 2019 she was recipient of the Juliet Bernard Prize for most promising actress at University of Oxford.

Underbelly Cowgate, Belly Laugh (Venue 61), 3-13 Aug 14.35 (60 mins) www.underbellyedinburgh.co.uk

Header Image Credit: Raphaël Neal


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