On the rise with emerging US rapper Big Toks

Big Toks celebrates reaching +600k streams on latest album Coupe Etiquette with music video For ‘Never Slackin'.

Independent rapper Big Toks is quickly gaining popularity in the rap industry as his numbers reflect. Hailing from Los Angeles with roots in Sacramento and the Inland Empire, Big Toks is a true reflection of a west coast artist.
His first album Coupe Etiquette consists of eight tracks and showcases incredible versatility. Additionally, the album's title "Coupe Etiquette" is a clever play on words, as Big Toks uses it to describe the essence of the project that embodies the lifestyle of high-class living. Throughout the album, Big Toks skillfully conveys this essence, bringing the luxurious vibe to life - which seems to be the artist's signature sound and favorite topic.

Filmed during the album release party, the video for "Never Slackin" shows Big Toks with fans and friends, spending quality time and sharing new music. As an independent artist, Big Toks' ascent is quite impressive with high and rising stream numbers around his first album Coupe Etiquette. No doubt this motivates him to keep making great content and we can probably expect more coming soon.

To keep an eye on Big Toks, follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Big.Toks/


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