Just launched: Season 2 of The Art Persists Podcast

The Art Persists Podcast offers a glimpse into the life of artists and activists. Each episode features interviews with artists who share their experience art to stand up to the world's more feared regimes, and individuals working to protect them. 

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Just launched: Season 2 of The Art Persists Podcast

We launch Season 2 with Episode 7: Rooted in the People: Photography of the Revolution and Beyond with Laura El-Tantawy. 

We speak to British-Egyptian photographer, Laura El-Tantawy. We discuss Laura’s expansive career as a photographer, from her moving images of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, exploring her experience as both a photographer and an Egyptian, to the challenges photographers face today, and how she maintains the dignity of her subjects.

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Header Image Credit: The Art Persists Podcast: Laura El-Tantawy


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