On The Rise With Jack Hawitt - The Artist Behind Many Songs

After writing for others, Jack Hawitt is back with his own new single "Love or a Lie".

Hailing from Cumbria, the singer-songwriter is now based in London where he keeps himself busy. Jack Hawitt has been in the industry for a few years and is already making headlines. He slowly rose to fame with his covers of popular songs before releasing original music.

Since 2017, Jack has been writing music for himself and others. With songwriting collaborations for the likes of Ava Max, Megan Thee Stallion, Jonas Blue, R3hab, Pharrell Williams, Jess Bays & Kelli-Leigh, he was awarded his very own "Written by Jack Hawitt" Spotify page in September 2022.

The pop singer known for writing from personal experiences is back with "Love or a Lie". Jack worked with Camden Cox and Joe Warriner on that track which is all about accepting that life or a relationship is not always plain sailing but living in the moment and enjoying right now is important regardless of what's going on.

Jack Hawitt is not ready to stop his ascent. A few days after "Love or a Lie", the track "Lose My Head" (Freya Skye) was released and is none other than the song used by the UK for their entry to the Junior Eurovision 2022. Jack Hawitt collaborated with the BBC and participated in the writing of this catchy song.

Jack Hawitt is definitely destined for a great career ahead of him.


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