The best Instagram influencers to follow for Asexual pride, education, and community

Celebrate Asexual Awareness Week by following the best Ace IG accounts.

The best Instagram influencers to follow for Asexual pride, education, and community

This year’s Asexual Awareness Week is October 24 -30. So, to mark the occasion, I have compiled a list of my favourite Instagram accounts for Ace education and community.

Ace Dad Advice

First off, we have the best ace dad on the internet: @acedadadvice. Through his YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok accounts, he offers A-spec folks with reassuring, friendly, and useful advice on topics from coming out to navigating self-acceptance and relationships.

Spacey Aces

Next off we have @spacey_aces, whose asexual, demisexual, and greysexual creators can be found on YouTube and TikTok also. With content ranging from meme reactions to deep-dives into the wider themes surrounding asexual culture, there really is something for everyone in this lovely little space online.

Lynn Saga

Another Instagrammer who can also be found on YouTube is @lynnsaga01. A demisexual biromantic enby, they offer plenty of fun and relatable content, as well as lots of introductory education videos.

Asexual Memes

@asexualmemes.tiktok has got to be one of the funniest ace content creators out there. Also on TikTok and YouTube, she focuses on ace education through funny stories and skits.

Yasmin Benoit

A key figure of Asexual awareness is @theyasminbenoit. An award-winning asexual activist and model, she founded the first asexual rights initiative and frequently speaks out for asexual rights. Definitely worth a follow!

Aros and Aces

@arosandaces is an Instagram comic exploring asexuality and aromantism. With a really cute style and genuinely relatable stories, this account is sure to brighten your feed.

Tiny Flower Club

Another Ace account with a gorgeous art style is @tinyflowerclub. Posting cozy art and stories drawing on queer and neurodivergent experience, this account is like a little warm glow.

ACE and ARO Garden

For Asexual and aromantic themed mood boards and quotes, check out @ace.aroaboratum. This account is great for finding the wider A-spec community, as it mostly focuses on the daily A-spec experience.

Sounds Fake But Okay

@soundsfakepod, the Instagram account of the excellent Sounds Fake But Okay podcast, continues the postcast’s method of spreading asexual and aromantic awareness, through funny stories and discussion topics.

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