Voice Winter Film Festival: PATRIOT

To end our Winter Film Festival 2022, we present 'PATRIOT' by Idriss Assoumanou. 'PATRIOT' will be available to watch from Jan 24 -Jan 30. 

Voice Winter Film Festival: PATRIOT


Patriot tells the story of a young man eager to join a far-right activist group to show his loyalty to his nation. However, he is forced to prove himself as a true patriot when challenged, and the consequences are deadly.

About Idriss Assoumanou

6e45163ccf87ae8b88fbda530746b81604573859.pngI’ve been a filmmaker for many years, creating content and producing films for many people. I’ve spent some time mentoring many people in making their first film project and teaching film and photography to various age groups. My passion is directing and storytelling. Having produced many projects and some award-winning shorts, I aim to be as creative as possible and help others follow their creative passions.

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Header Image Credit: Idriss Assoumanou


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