VidCon London 2020: Did you catch Blanks?

BLANKS truly was the star of the show at this year’s VidCon London, performing his latest release 'Sweaters' in the headline slot of the "Night of Music" on Sunday evening.

VidCon London 2020: Did you catch Blanks?

BLANKS truly was the star of the show at this year’s VidCon London. Not only was he part of a panel advising on how best to use your social platforms to best advance your brand, but also graced the headline slot of the “Night of Music” on Sunday evening, where he performed his latest release, ‘Sweaters’. 

During an interview which took place over the weekend, Blanks revealed that his online name comes from his surname in real life - his full name is Simon De White, but Blanks certainly sounds much more catchy! He said that his favourite era to grow up in would have been the 80s, but that he couldn’t live without the internet. Fair enough; everything he does starts life online. 

Blanks’ success was the product of many years’ hard work and practice. He started making YouTube videos with his friends in school. They played cover versions together, filmed them, and put them on the web. He’s certainly come a long way since then, but, at the same time, nothing has changed!

He gave some advice for aspiring musicians as well, and it’s pretty simple stuff. Just make as much music as possible! “Your first fifty songs will be bad,” says Blanks, “Maybe even your first hundred. But after that they will be great!” Wise words from the man who has secured himself a slot at this year’s Great Escape festival in Brighton in May. 

Coming up from Blanks soon… He revealed that his next style swap video will be Dancing Queen in the style of Post Malone! Can’t wait! And you’d better hope that this superstar gets onto Carpool Karaoke, because his pick for a song is none other than ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ by Tears for Fears. Now that is a video we want to see!

Watch the live video for ‘Sweaters’ down below and keep your eyes peeled for updates from Blanks on his socials - @musicbyblanks!

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