University summer exhibition

Mix of photography and paintings both abstract and contemporary with a variety of colours that are aesthetically pleasing and diverse.

I found the art pieces with a diverse range of colours interesting and aesthetically pleasing however I did not like those which where so abstract that there was no room for interpretation. I preferred those art pieces with multiple interpretations, where the intentions and ideals of the artist were clear. Intentions of multiple works portrayed world problems and political tensions in society, whereas some portrayed the physical features of the planet. Of both messages interpreted I prefer those with a high contrast of dark and light and those with deep colours and blended. I liked Hyma price as a creator as he/she seemed to have a deeper story and more emotion and depth was portrayed. My favorite pieces included: the photograph number 47 due to its variety of detail; 41 photograph of a wild tree had a lot going on and photo was out going; liked painting 21 was clutching clothing interpreted as someone scared to let go of a loved one and is hurting however liked the intriquate detail in the hands and veins. All together loved those paintings or photographs with lots of detail and more action as found there was more to explore and loved those with a wide range of colours.  

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