MCM Comic Con 2019

During my visit to the Comic Con held at the Birmingham NEC, I was able to experience a lot of other artists' creativity and see different peoples' creations. While I was there, I saw a lot of cosplay as well as lots of art and art related products. 

MCM Comic Con 2019


Whilst walking around and enjoying the art I managed to interview a few artists and cos-players about their experiences of the arts and what led them to comic-con. I got the opportunity to meet an artist named Killer Bunny Creations (whose watercolours particularly interested me) and had the chance to interview him. Here is part of the interview:

eaa8410700cc3de18abc2821e2d70d0ff7ef6c50.jpgMe: So, what brought you to Comic Con?

KillerBunnyCreations: Well, after selling elsewhere, my fan base suggested going to Comic con and well, here I am! 

Me: What do you like about animation and comics particularly?

KillerBunnyCreations: Well I've always liked the idea of the world-building and the amazing stories. For example, the story of Spider-man, about how someone normal can get these amazing abilities.

Me: Finally, do you have any suggestions for anyone wanting to get into this sort of industry?

KillerBunnyCreations: Always remember to practice and be stubborn towards anyone who is trying to put you down; it is not waste of time!

KillerBunny's story has inspired me because when people told him that he was wasting his time he told them no and kept on going and that is what I will also try to do as I progress as well. Furthermore, I also interviewed some cosplayers on their experience of the arts and in summary what they said was that if you are looking to getting into cosplay then you should dive straight into it, give it a go and if they can do it you can. Personally, I enjoyed talking to different people at comic con and it is great because you will get to learn a lot about jobs involving art and how to be successful in that sort of job. So next time you go to comic con, maybe talk to an artist there or other people enjoying the event, you may just get inspired! 

Some of the c76ff08343dc16341d585c16bb265762431eaa33e.jpgreative elements I enjoyed included being able, for the first time, to see the great costumes that cosplayers can make. I enjoyed this as some of the costumes I saw there I recognised from many of my favourite different franchises such as Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moreover, I also enjoyed being able to witness some brilliant artists' pieces and the things they have created. I enjoyed this especially as it offered inspiration for different styles of art I could try in the future. Also, during events like this you may have the opportunity to attend a show where an interview with some actors may be held or a cosplay masquerade, which you may enjoy participating in or watching.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend visiting a comic con event like this one as it is a great way to get inspired to do art related things and if like me, you are interested in some popular franchises then you will most likely see a lot of costly based off of that. What I got out of my visit is a lot os ideas for future art pieces and also made me consider what I could do for a job in the future (e.g. graphic designer, illustrator, etc ).


Elijah Cole

Elijah Cole

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