Rosie Jones: Fifteen Minutes

Rosie Jones’ Fifteen Minutes is a thrilling hour full of endless surprises, obscene jokes and witty social commentary.

Rosie Jones: Fifteen Minutes

Rosie Jones is charismatic, talented and a little bit obscene. I’ve never been referred to as Duncan before, but I like it when Rosie does it. After making you feel silly for shouting your own name out she continues to call us all (the audience) Duncan, and I quickly got on-board. In fact, the audience quickly warmed to Rosie’s dry wit, poking fun at our preconceptions of disabilities and the ways in which people feel ‘awkward’ around people with disabilities. Rosie has made it her mission to make those people feel more awkward and to use her disability to her advantage, she says, gloatingly, with a wicked sting in her smile and a twinkle in her eye. 

Fifteen Minutes - aptly named because Rosie didn’t breath for fifteen minutes when she was born causing her body to develop cerebral palsy – is jam-packed full of clever reversal jokes that make you question the way you see the world and some stinging one lines. And what is the deal with Ryan Gosling and yoghurt? Rosie is at times unpredictable and obtuse, in my opinion, a great combination for a comedian. Throughout the show we listen to a conversation with her alternative, able-bodied self, who in her words is a ‘prick’ and a ‘slutty hairdresser’, who continues to debate with Rosie, challenging her wicked view of the world. Rosie’s dry and delightfully cruel and truthful humour is what captivates me. A carefully crafted show with a satisfying structure.

Funny, clever, surprising – You’re a fool if you miss Rosie Jones: Fifteen Minutes.

Pleasance Courtyard @ 20:30

August 6 - 12, 14 - 26

Find out more and buy tickets: 

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