Rapunzel play at Theatre Royal Stratford

We watched Rapunzel play at Theatre Royal Stratford

Rapunzel play at Theatre Royal Stratford

I enjoyed the way the set up there props and how the triangle house and played the song by big Shaq, they costume I like the best was Goldilocks.What i learnt was how they control the light and sound for each scene. 

Who was performing was:

  • Raj bajah (Mr Bear), 
  • Witch maddy (Michael Bertenshaw),
  • Baby bear (Gemma salter),
  • Goldilocks (juile yammanee)
  • Joanne Sandi (Rapunzel),
  • Gary wood (Egor, grace)
  • Mrs Bear (Lizzy, Juliet Okotie)


  • Luke Taylor

    On 29 May 2018, 10:00 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Hi Riyhad, glad you watched it! What else did you enjoy about the show? Were there any parts that you didn't like?

  • _sabiha malik22

    On 24 September 2019, 11:26 _sabiha malik22 commented:

    Hi Riyhad i like it when you explain who character are and who in the play
    did you enjoy the show and what part did like it the show

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