Choir Of Man

My favourite 60 minutes of any Fringe

Choir Of Man

I didn't think it was possible to love Choir Of Man any more than I did last year at Edinburgh Fringe, but I was wrong. The show they’ve brought to Adelaide is even more brilliant and beautiful than before, and I couldn’t keep the smile off my face throughout. 

Ben’s narration is warm and heartfelt, introducing the nine characters in The Jungle - the same cast as before, save one new face - and welcoming the audience to their home. There’s a new bit this year, a brief nod towards men’s mental health; Ben tells us that there’s no ‘boys don’t cry’ nonsense here. They are there for each other in whichever way they need to be, whether that’s with a pint of beer and a laugh, or a cup of tea and a listening ear. It’s a gentle but crucial reminder that men should and can show their emotions, and I love that they’ve added it in. 

The songs, which include numbers by Katy Perry, Avicii, Adele and The Proclaimers, range from emotional, heartfelt ballads performed with stunning sincerity to foot-stamping, high-energy performances that will have you up on your feet dancing. There’s plenty of humour - the song by three of the guys whilst using the urinal is one of my favourites - and plenty of heart, and each of the guys has his own song to shine, so you’ll fall in love with all of them one after the other. 

This was my third time seeing Choir Of Man and every time they are completely blown away by the incredible reaction they get from their audience. I think they’d better get used to it - there’ll be plenty more standing ovations in their future. 


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