Who knew a spin class and sexual confusion went so well together?


Sam Anderson performs this fun and energetic show that takes the form of a spin class, with Sam as the instructor, climbing on and off of his remarkably convincing imaginary bike to encourage his ‘students’ (the audience) in their exercises whilst over-sharing with stories of his love life and struggle to come to terms with his sexuality. 

The format works surprisingly well, with the constant return to the spin class in between sometimes deeply emotional narratives keeping the mood lighthearted, and Sam’s relentless energy and enthusiasm is contagious. The more involved you get, the more fun it is, and you’ll find yourself standing up and pedalling your feet and miming all sorts of actions you may well never have done before. Sam really does embody an over-the-top spin class instructor, and it’s impossible not to want to join in the fun. 

The emotional side of the show is also executed wonderfully well, with Sam’s talent shining through in his gripping and intense portrayals of his parents and their negative and disapproving attitudes towards his sexuality and femininity. He is constantly engaging with the audience, which of course works with the format of the show, and makes it a more personal experience for all. Even though there are moments of sadness in the narrative, this is an overwhelmingly positive and enjoyable show, and I could not stop smiling throughout. 

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