Missoni Art Colour - Fashion Textile Museum

Stripes, colour and A LOT of wool!

Missoni Art Colour - Fashion Textile Museum

On September 3rd, my family and I went to see the Missoni Art Colour exhibition in the Fashion Textile Museum in London.

Even though the exhibition was small, I felt like I learnt more about how Missoni designs are developed. The museum showed early Missoni sketches and colour grids which would have been used to play with colour. Missoni designs are never simple; all of them bright, bold and busy. Whilst I would not wear these designs myself, I do find it fascinating that, even though there are so many colours on one item of clothing, the designs do not seem to look messy or conflicting.

One of my favourite parts of the museum was an area with lots of mannequins wearing Missoni designs; the clothes were from all four seasons and the lights would focus on a new outfit every few seconds. However I do wish that there were more clothes and not just drawings.

By going to this exhibition I learnt a lot more about the process of designing clothes and how colour choices can completely change how something looks.

I would definitely recommend going as it was very enjoyable!


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