Visit to The Garage

The garage is a place that artistic people went to and there were 3 acts that we had to choose for our gig and our school had chosen Graffiti Classics and we had to watch all 3 acts and they were all good.

The 3 acts were Richard Navarro, Graffiti Classics and Acafella.

My thoughts

I thought it was a good time at the garage because we watched the acts and then we had to go to work shops and it was great fun. I learnt how to beat box even better than I did. There was outher schools there and they did the same work shops a what are school done and I think it was a great time.

Graffiti classics

They played classical instrument and the dance while playing them and there was one guy who was the bass player and he was really funny.


Acafellas was really cool because they played instruments with their mouths, and there was a beat boxer who was basically the drums. They were really cool!

Richard Navarro

He was good as well because he made a song about a girl called Carrie and it had star wars in it .


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