Flat 4

Beautiful storytelling and spoken word poetry that reminds you that sometimes your best friend can be your soulmate!

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Flat 4

Flat 4 tells the story of two friends who met and university and lived together in a small flat. It explores their highs, lows and everything in-between with such beautiful storytelling and spoken word poetry. 

Its important to note that this performance covers some very heavy topics including (but not limited to) drugs and alcohol missuse, eating disorders and sexual abuse. Yet, Isabel does a great job at adressing the heavy topics with a sprinkle of comedy, some much needed release, in between! She had the audience laughing one minute and then sat in stunned silence the next! 

Isabel is a skilled storyteller - she draws you in and with minimal props (literally a chair and wine glass) and effects and transports you into both this world and her mind. She plays a number of characters within the piece and each one is performed in a unique way! 

Flat 4 also shows what a realistic female friendship looks like - filled with nuances and complexities. I think it can be really hard to capture this in the small space of 50 minutes and yet Isabel does this flawlessly. She really does celebrate how important platonic friendships can be! 

Overall, this piece was an emotional roller coaster and did a fantastic job at educating people on topics that ate often seen as taboo. I wasn't expecting it to be as emotional as it was. It was storytelling at its finest and I was hooked onto every syllable and word! 

Header Image Credit: Brighton Fringe


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