Blockheads 16/12/23

The Blockheads are a punk band formed in 1977 who were fronted originally by Ian Dury over the years since his passing in 2000 the band have continued and have been fronted by various singers including Martin Freeman 

Blockheads 16/12/23

Ian Dury was an incredible wordsmith and individual. He was crippled by a bad bout of polio which he contracted in a swimming pool when he was a child. However, he did not let this stand in his way at all. He went on to form the band who would produce groundbreaking successful hits such as Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll and I wanna be Straight. Sadly the original bassist was not in attendance however the other bassist was just as good all the players were highly skilled. Whilst talking to an older Blockhead in the smoking area beside the canal just near the bridge in Camden town I learnt that he believed as a fan who'd been going to see the band since he was 17 the blockheads were better with Ian dury and better 7 years ago compared to now. The opening act Nora was something like a 1940s singer who'd entertain the troops she looked very glamorous. The audience was mostly older die hard fans with a peppering of less enthusiastic younger lads who'd obviously been dragged along for the ride... Overall it was a stunning show and proved the enduring appeal of these songs. To new initiates I'd recommend Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll (the song) and I wanna be Straight and Itinerant Child. I also enjoyed listening to the album Mr Love Pants in the van with my mum. My friend who was filming the gig gifted me a blockheads tee which I will happily wear in bed! 

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