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Bob Vylan is a duo (consisting of a drummer and a frontman) whose music blends Hip Hop with Grime and Punk Rock

Bob Vylan Kentish Town Forum

I booked to go to this show because my friend really rates them. The fact that their actual name sound like word play already - it's like Bob Dylan but with a peppering of Vylan drew me in straight away. Secondly the fact that they have very thought provoking lyrics and look great onstage. 

Once inside I noticed that there was no drummer, guitarist or bassist. My friend explained that they pre record all the basses and guitars themselves which means they are multi-instrumentalists which is impressive. 

I thought that Pretty Song was incredibly catchy. The song 'We Live Here' packs a really punchy message: when asked to go back to his country Bobby states "this is my fucking country."

He was really ripped and looked like he works out a lot and he had really amazing hair which accentuated his rock/rap star moves. The drummer who sat on a raised platform was incredible and matched the front mans energy entirely. 

The moshing was as lively as a bottle of coca cola just after a mentos been dropped into it and the crowd was all ages but mostly younger. I noticed a few fans from some RDF gigs I've attended which cemented my impression that people with great taste in music especially of the punk varieties would love Bob Vylan. 

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