Gordon Holland's EP 'Skipping Stones on a Salt Lake': A Genre-Bending Journey

Discover the captivating musical world of Australian alternative singer-songwriter, Gordon Holland.

In "Skipping Stones on a Salt Lake", Gordon Holland delves into a range of themes, seamlessly transitioning between the nature of change, absence of change, travel, and reminiscing. Drawing inspiration from his love of melody and catchy hooks, Holland's creative process involved crafting a collection of narrative-driven songs that express the indescribable moments in life.

Holland's sound has been likened to the likes of Paul Kelly, Bob Evans, Julia Jacklin, and Crowded House, blending alternative country with Britpop influences. His fusion of classic and modern elements creates an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts. Prepare to be captivated by the infectious energy of big choruses and singalong verses that will have you humming along for days.

Let's take a sneak peek into the stories behind some of the tracks on the EP:

  1. Palm Tree Wallpaper: A heartfelt phone call between a protagonist and their elderly parent sets the tone for this track. Amidst the desire to break bad news, the pattern of palm trees on the wallpaper triggers nostalgic memories, making them reluctant to ruin the moment.

  2. Half A Tank (And They're All Counting On Me): Join the journey of someone with half a tank of gas racing against time to reach a country town before sundown. The track, co-written with Daniel Lomas, maintains an air of mystery, leaving listeners to speculate on the character's destination.

  3. Midnight At The Karaoke Bar: Step into a suburban karaoke bar frequented by a couple of old barflies. As one of them laments the end of the night, memories of their countless visits resurface, highlighting the theme of the absence of change.

  4. Departure Lounge Blues: Inspired by Mike McClellan's song, "I Wonder Who You Are Waiting For", this track takes us into the setting of an airport departure lounge. Through the eyes of someone working there, we glimpse the diverse stories behind every traveler.

Gordon Holland's musical journey has been one of evolution and exploration. Starting with his garage rock band, The Naysayers, he eventually embarked on a solo path - for our greatest pleasure. Holland's lyrics strike a balance between confessional and nostalgic, infused with both humor and wistfulness.

Prepare to be enchanted by the imaginative world of Gordon Holland as he invites listeners on a genre-bending journey with his EP, "Skipping Stones on a Salt Lake". With its catchy hooks, relatable narratives, and a sound that blends the best of the past and present, this release promises to leave a lasting impression.

More from Gordon Holland: https://www.gordonhollandmusic.com


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