Spiderman Across The Spiderverse

After reconnecting with Gwen Stacy, Brooklyn's full-time, friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is flung across the Multiverse, where he meets a squad of Spider-People tasked with defending the Multiverse's own existence.

Spiderman Across The Spiderverse

Every frame is a painting, concept art seen in books comes to life. It's an explosion of colours and so many styles each fitting in their own universes. 

Viewing this film at the Barbican Cinema in London, was an experience. As someone who hasn’t been to the cinema in so long, this was an experience I would never forget. And I had the opportunity to hear from an amazing panel at the end of the film.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is an incredible achievement and visually mesmerising to watch. New threat’s that make one feel that maybe a happy ending won’t be achieved, new heights of storytelling and complex decisions to be made are introduced in Across The Spiderverse. 

It was incredible and mind-boggling to watch. From the way, a different art style was used for each character, to using an unexpected villain as the nemesis and going much bigger than the first movie. It was rich in detail and had so many cameos. You can’t blink when watching this or else you might miss so many details. 

It went beyond the first film and was just so much fun to watch. Wild, energetic and chaotic are my words to describe the film. And unpredictable. It’s hard to predict how the third movie will turn out or what path it’ll take. 

What will Miles Morale’s fate be?

The panel discussion that came next after the movie ended was entertaining. The panel discussion featured Amon Warmann (Contributing Editor, Empire Magazine), Paul Taberham (Associate Professor, Arts University Bournemouth) and Tiffany Lam (Visual Development Artist on the film), who discussed the significance of both Spider-Verse cinematic offerings. Barbican Curator Sonia Zadurian hosted the panel. 

A lot of energy and enthusiasm from everyone at the talk!

Hearing about the animation style and how CGI worked was awe-inspiring. The different process and just how much work goes into making sure the animation style works not only visually but with the storyline was incredible to hear. From mood ring-inspired style for Gwen’s universe to the full-on comic mode for Miles, the different animation styles worked to fit each character and the stories they come from. The animation enhanced the narrative and was just a beauty to look at. 

Even on the panel, there was excitement about what ending our Spiderman will take. Will we be left in tears or will we be relieved during Beyon the Spiderverse? 

Header Image Credit: Barbican Cinema


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