The Great Escape: Abigail Asante Review

Abigail Asante is as accomplished as she is assured; the self proclaimed “independent stargirl” we’ve all got our eyes on. 

The Great Escape: Abigail Asante Review

I was at the Patterns basement early for Abigail Asante’s set, swilling a fresh lime and soda sat on the fondly worn back bench, a seat I have found myself occupying a fair few times as a long-time Patterns patron. Each and every club has a space like this; an unassuming corner cloaked in shadows with a window of (generally dim and flickering) light fit for a reviewer in need of a rest. As a Brighton local I’m all too familiar with this venue, all the more this weekend, with a packed line up above, below, and behind the scenes. Abigail Asante has been on my list from the beginning, a force to be reckoned with, meeting and exceeding my expectations, delivering a high-energy show with choreo. That’s not something you see everyday in live drill. 

As Girls I Rate presenter Ellie Prohan said “I’ve done 30k steps just watching you” – Abigail was joined by two backing dancers who really moved with the music. There’s something really exciting about performances like these; matching vocals with a vision is no mean feat and Abigail Asante really answered the brief. It’s times like these that musicians earn their badge as artists. This performance was a masterpiece.

Abigail is no stranger to breaking records, being one part of the first female duo to surpass 1 million views in drill history with fellow UK Drill rapper Ivorian Doll. You can’t ignore the numbers, but more importantly, you can’t ignore her commitment to delivering a show that belongs to a festival headline stage.

Championing the #ASANTENATION hashtag, Abigail Asante has my heart, the next big thing in UK Drill and beyond. Keep your eyes on this stargirl.

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Abigail Asante, Patterns Basement, 12th May 2023


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