Salt Ashes' New Single 'Heart Attack' Explores the Power of Desire

Salt Ashes' latest single, 'Heart Attack', is a powerful exploration of the intense emotions that come with forbidden love.

Salt Ashes' New Single 'Heart Attack' Explores the Power of Desire

Salt Ashes' latest single 'Heart Attack' is an intense and emotional ride that captures the agony and ecstasy of forbidden love, and with Valentine's Day now passed, the song takes on even more significance. It's a song that will stay with you long after the Valentine's Day chocolates have been eaten and the roses have wilted.

'Heart Attack' speaks of an aching desire that can be both thrilling and dangerous. With Valentine's Day now passed, 'Heart Attack' takes on new meaning. It speaks to the bittersweet feeling of longing for someone you can't have or perhaps the regret of missed opportunities. But ultimately, it's a song about the power of desire and the thrill of taking risks.

Salt Ashes has had some phenomenal success in the last year, with her previous single ‘Didn’t See It Coming’, which was featured on Elton John’s Rocket Hour radio show, “I was so overwhelmed when I got the call that Elton John was going to play my last single… And open his show with it! I've listened to Elton since I was little, who hasn't! So, it's a huge, huge honour. A dream would be a collaboration!” says Salt Ashes on the radio play.

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