Bitter Kisses to release debut single

The Bristol group announces the release of their first single, “Pr*y”.

Bitter Kisses to release debut single

Bitter Kisses is a four-piece group from Bristol. Composed by Gemma Tracey (vocals), Thomas Anderson (bass and vocals), Josh Butches (guitar and vocals), and Scarlett Cawley (drums), the group formed in 2022, making their explosive live debut at Bridgwater’s “We Hear You Fest” in August. Promoted on BBC One, Bitter Kisses’ debut single is set to be released on 3 February 2023. 

Recorded at Stage 2 Studios with Josh Gallop (Mother Vulture, Phoxjaw), mixed and mastered by Tom Cory (Novatines, Superlove), “Pr*y” is an explosion of sound and emotions. 

With very powerful verses and a dynamic chorus, the song explores the ambigüity of sound of the word “Prey” - which sounds as either “prey” or “pray” - adding to the meaning of the song and the message it wants to convey. With this in mind, the music evokes a very well defined Dark Pop sound, which presents itself as the band’s signature sound and style. 

The instrumentation features a mix of synthesizers and electric guitars that works perfectly with the rage, anguish-inspired lyrics. Written by Thomas Adams and Fionn McGuiness-Maris, the lyrics of “Pr*y” explore the deep and complex feelings that apply to unhealthy relationships. Finally, it all comes down to a contrasting outro, leading to an incredible guitar solo, and an explosive end to the song. 

Bitter Kisses’ debut single “Pr*y” is one to look forward to for those who love the Alternative/Goth Pop genre. With a music video, made entirely by the band themselves and inspired by David Lynch’s psychedelic and surrealist films, which comes out the same day as the songs release, the Bristol group positions itself in the spotlight of the new Dark Pop music. 

“Pr*y” will be available to stream on every platform on 3 February 2023. 

Header Image Credit: Bitter Kisses


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