Ode to Joy

Who is Gordon? 

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Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy (How Gordon got to go to the nasty pig party) follows the journey of Gordon (surprisingly), your typical type-A personality who likes to be gay on the down-low. Not into overt displays of his sexuality, Gordon is fed up of feeling so uptight, and sets out on a mission to be anyone else but Gordon.

He wants to get high and get fucked and no matter how much the idea frightens him, with the help of Cumpig (Mr popularity) and Manpussy (the most flamboyant narrator I’ve ever seen outside of a pantomime), they travel to Berlin to help Gordon on his journey. They are determined to get Gordon to take as many cocks as he possibly can in a bid to discover what he’s really looking for.

Ode to Joy was hilarious and brash and entertaining from start to finish. Ode to Joy is doing its bit to shatter the narrative that gay people are one dimensional. Too often pigeonholed, Gay love, sex and joy is multifaceted, and that’s one of the beautiful things about it.

Gordon came to the conclusion fairly quickly that he didn't want your typical gay lifestyle. He didn’t want to be “free” by the standards he felt were expected of him, like taking a dick a day and trying to survive on a diet of Mandy and Ket. He wanted a partner, someone to go through life with who was going to love all the parts of Gordon – not just the private ones. In the end, that’s what most people want and Gordon’s no different just because he’s gay. 

Ode to Joy, once you cut through the camp outfits, seedy venue, and so much gay terminology that they gave out glossaries in the queue, is nothing but a gorgeous display of being true to yourself. Be it whether you're more of a Gordon, a Cumpig or a giant Manpussy, this show is the ultimate celebration of queer joy!

You can watch Ode to Joy at Summerhall's Demonstration Room daily at 18:20.

For tickets and more information, visit edfringe.com 

Header Image Credit: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan


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