Shipston Proms Event Review by Chelsey

Do you like concerts, festivals or community events? Are you a fan of helping towards charitable events? If you agree with these, then I’d definitely recommend going to see Shipston Proms in the year 2023 and you won’t regret it.

Shipston Proms Event Review by Chelsey

On 25th June 2022, I went to Shipston-On-Stour to watch Shipston Proms. Shipston Proms is a charitable organisation that takes place in June every year. Due to Covid, the last performance that took place was 2019. There were a total of 5 acts that performed over the course of 5 hours.

At Shipston Proms, the event gave off festival vibes and it was really good for meeting people with similar interests to music. The whole town came out to support the acts and the acts that performed were all acts who lived in Shipston. The stage had bright colourful lights which radiated into the crowd. As there were a lot of people that came out to support Shipston, I bet it made the performers feel brilliant about the work that they were doing as it is all for charity. The performers ranged in ages and it was nice to see some young adults with the confidence to perform in front of a large crowd. It was nice to see a live performance of a variety of music. The live acts all performed at a large street festival and there was a variety of music acts on display.

Everyone there was very nice however a lot of alcohol was being served so a lot of the adults were 'merry' by the end of the night. At some point as well, I had someone’s drink poured over my head, which wasn’t the best as I was drenched for the journey home. My overall experience was that I really enjoyed my time at the event, and I can’t wait to go and see it again next year. I would definitely recommend this event to other people as it’s a good experience for everyone.

Header Image Credit: Shipson Proms


  • Dayna Jeynes

    On 6 July 2022, 13:08 Dayna Jeynes commented:

    This looks great!!

  • Saskia Calliste

    On 6 July 2022, 13:12 Saskia Calliste Voice Team commented:

    Sounds like a great event! Too bad about getting a drink spilled on you but I’m glad it didn’t ruin your experience ☺️

  • Tom Inniss

    On 15 July 2022, 13:44 Tom Inniss Voice Team commented:

    Sounds like a fun event – who were the performers? Shame about the drink though...

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