Brian Cox launches acting course with BBC Maestro

“I believe that acting is one of the greatest gifts we can offer the world, because it is fully focused on the human condition. Therefore, it includes us all, and has something to offer us all.”

In a groundbreaking move, the globally celebrated actor Brian Cox has teamed up with BBC Maestro to bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to aspiring actors worldwide. His course, aptly titled "Acting," not only delves into the intricacies of delivering award-winning performances but also guides you on capturing and holding the audience's attention while embodying a myriad of iconic characters.

Brian Cox, renowned for his six decades of dedication to the craft, brings a classically trained Shakespearean approach to the table. His stellar performances in roles like Logan Roy in Succession, Hermann Göring in Nuremberg, Detective Inspector Nelson in Rat in the Skull, and the titular role in Titus Andronicus have earned him an Emmy, a Golden Globe Award, two BAFTAs, and two Olivier Awards.

In this exclusive course, Brian aims to liberate aspiring actors from internal barriers and eliminate self-judgment, often the most challenging obstacles to overcome. His lessons guide you through practical exercises tailored to master both stage and screen, covering character development, script analysis, and essential techniques crucial for your next audition.

What sets this course apart is the unique blend of insights from industry experts. Brian engages in in-depth conversations with Succession creator Jesse Armstrong, top casting director Nancy Bishop, and legendary actress Miranda Richardson. This holistic approach provides a comprehensive understanding of the industry and the skills needed to thrive in it.

"It's not about the role; it's about the script and what you do for the script. Remember, you're only a fraction of the whole creation," says Brian, emphasising the importance of understanding the collaborative nature of acting.

Starting from November 10, 2023, you can access Brian Cox's Acting course on The platform, boasting 4K filmed lessons with a diverse range of prestigious experts, allows you to explore the world of acting from the comfort of your home. Individual courses are available for £79, with an annual subscription priced at £120.

Brian's closing words resonate with aspiring actors: 

"If you believe you're in an inferior position because you're playing a smaller part, then you're not really being a proper actor. Every human being is of equal value, regardless of their status or role."
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