Maddy Anholt: Rent Girl

Hugely likeable, great interaction with the crowd, but not quite enough laughs

Maddy Anholt: Rent Girl

Maddy Anholt is a confident, lively and immediately personable comedian. Flirting with the front row, chatting with the audience about the state of their relationships and holding a running dialogue with one half of a young couple throughout the show (much to the amusement of his girlfriend), she kept up the energy and fun throughout, balancing just the right level of cringe and kindness with her audience, drawing a few awkward mumbles from her victims but never verging into downright cruelty.

Covering everything from hideous London rent prices, to the potential sleaziness of the online world for a 'fresh' young job seeker, the content felt of-the-moment and full of potential, but that potential was never quite reached. As with many comedy shows, the overall narrative that serves to hold the whole thing together just dominated that bit too much, taking time and attention away from sharp one-liners and well-observed stories. The audience seemed engaged with Maddy, but too much of the material seemed to land with a chuckle instead of an all-out laugh, and the quips didn't come fast enough to make the most out of this subject.

An early viewing, so the content could yet speed up to match Maddy's natural verve as a performer.

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Aug 14, 16-29. 5.30pm. Read more here.


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