Meet the Voice Contributors

Meet the Voice Contributors

Meet some of our Voice Contributors. These guys often start out posting great reviews or blogs on Voice, then join our network which offers sessions with journalists, commissions, editing of their work and the chance to join the Voice team to cover major arts festivals. 

We're always on the lookout for new writers or media-makers with views about the arts. Interested? Find out how to join our network of Voice Contributors.

Maud Webster


Maud is an Architecture and Urban Planning graduate from Newcastle University with an interest in the intersection between architecture, design and communications. Previously Head of Culture at Newcastle’s student newspaper The Courier, Maud enjoys writing about topics spanning literature, media, politics, design and the environment as well as designing graphics.

Kashmini Shah


Kashmini is a Politics and English Literature student based in London. She likes to look at media (literature in particular), and does deep-dives into the political, psychological, or social messages they project! When she’s not analysing books, you can find her covered in paint, or doing some pottery!

Nelle Osei


Nelle is currently a Journalism and Communications student with a love for all things pop culture.

Ciéra Cree


Ciéra Cree is a 22-year-old Media/Magazine Journalism student with a passion for creativity. She has undertaken many creative endeavours including becoming a Poet Laureate, being highly commended by The Royal Society of Literature and solo-running a publication (The Ruskin Journal). As someone philosophically minded, Ciéra enjoys the abstract and interpreting deeper meanings from works.

Sarah Culyer


Sarah is a current Journalism student at the University of Roehampton with the ambition to tell unique stories. Her world currently revolves around reading and writing. She read and write for university, she read and write in my spare time and she spend a lot of time thinking about what she'll read and write next!

Christopher Hill


Chris is a keen musician and writer, having graduated from the University of Oxford he has done a masters and is now doing a PhD at the University of Birmingham. A performer, musicologist, and teacher, he enjoys writing about the ways in which music interacts with other media and musical culture at large.

Past Contributors

While we love working with young people to help them develop their skills and explore their passions, there will always come a point when they move on from Voice. Whether they go to university to study, enter a different industry, or progress to a full time position, we are proud to have supported their development, and always want to keep in touch to hear what great things they're up to. 

Former Contributors

Testimonials and Impact

Thanks to our parent charity, Upstart Projects, and their commitment to youth voice, we at Voice have helped many young people find a home for their opinions, develop their art and cultural critique, and find their path into the cultural sector. Hear from some of the young people we've worked with over the years about the impact on their personal and professional lives. 


You can  read more about the impact that Upstart Projects has on the lives of young people, and learn more about how we monitor that effect on our Impact page.

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