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Voice is an open digital platform

If you have views or opinions and are looking for a platform to share them on, then Voice is the place for you. We love reading your thoughts and experiences, and have made it incredibly easy for you to register and get started.

Voice is aimed at young people aged 13-30, but we welcome everybody to use the site. If you’re under 13 you are still allowed to post your work, but you must have the permission of an adult parent or supervisor.

Whether you want to blog or vlog, review or comment, we encourage discussion and participation on all things culture.

If you're keen to develop your reviewing and reporting, apply to join our network of Voice Contributors and you'll get our support plus press tickets!

What Can You Post?


Reviews are our bread and butter here at Voice, whether it’s as official Youth Media Partner at Brighton Fringe, covering Edinburgh Festival Fringe, or increasing rural access to the arts through our Voice Outreach project.

You can write a review of any arts activity: film releases, books, art exhibitions, video games, music videos, song lyrics, poetry, spoken word performances, festivals... you name it! Reviews should be around 200-500 words, or if you wanted to vlog about your experience you should aim for a video length or approximately 1-3 minutes. 

We have 2 reviewers programmes you can get involved with - please click the links below to see if you'd like to get involved.

Voice Contributors 

Voice Reviewers

What's the difference between a Voice Contributor and a Voice Reviewer? 

Voice Contributors work directly with Voice's Editors for three months working towards a paid commission at the end of the programme. 

Voice Reviewers is an ongoing flexible opportunity that allows you access to press tickets (as the VC's do) with an opportunity to pick up as and when works for you for as long as you'd like to be a part of the programme!

Blogs and Vlogs

Voice is the platform for youth opinion, and we want to hear from you. Whether it’s your hot take on the latest big event in the art world, or you want to respond to one of our theme callouts, this is the place to post them. You can post written blogs, or embed a vlog that you have uploaded elsewhere; for example Vimeo or YouTube. We even support photoblogs those who like to tell their story visually.

TIPS: How to vlog / How to write an opinion piece in under 500 words

Events and Opportunities

We're always on the lookout for competitions, work experience or networking opportunities for young creatives, so please post anything our readers might be interested in. Make sure events and opportunities are age appropriate and include full info: date, time, location, booking link, entry deadline etc. Users will be able to search and view events and opportunities on our geographical map.

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For a more in-depth explanation of how to post, including our top tips, read our how to page.