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Voice is a lively online youth magazine which promotes young people’s voice in the arts and showcases young artists and careers in the cultural sector. Training and support is at the heart of Voice and we offer pathways from seeing your first show to exploring a career in the arts, developing vital soft skills for personal and professional growth. We foster a strong community of young people, and encourage them to share their own creative experiences on our platform.

Voice is aimed at young people aged 13-30, but we welcome everybody to use the site. If you’re under 13 you are still allowed to post your work, but you must have the permission of an adult parent or supervisor.

You can get involved with Voice at any level you’re comfortable with, from simply reading and sharing the articles you enjoy – all the way through to writing your own with the support of the editorial team. Find out more about the opportunities Voice can offer you below.

What can you do?

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Read the magazine


Reviews are our bread and butter here at Voice, whether it’s as official Youth Media Partner at Brighton Fringe, covering Edinburgh Festival Fringe, or increasing rural access to the arts through our Voice Outreach project.

Blogs and Vlogs

Get the latest opinions and social critique from the team and the Voice Community. We even support video and audio content so you're bound to find something that stimulates you!


We have over 1,000 interviews with arts professionals, including big-name stars and the people who keep the industry running. 

How-to guides

Here we give you top industry advice - from writing your first review, to getting your film into a festival and making your own artwork.

Events and Opportunities

We're always on the lookout for competitions, work experience or networking opportunities for young creatives, and you can even filter for events local to you! 

Careers content

Looking specifically for content that can help you take that first or next step in your creative career? Head on over to Careers on Voice to find out about the diverse range of jobs that the creative sector provides.

Join the Voice Community

Post your own content

By registering on Voice you will be able to post your own blogs, reviews, events and opportunities to the website. Whether it’s a hot take on an arts issue, or a review of the great performance you saw last night, Voice is the place to post!

Create a portfolio

You can gather your posts into dedicated portfolios, which have their own link you can share. This functionality is great for those of you working on Arts Award, but also perfect for the budding creative who just wants a place to collect their best work. Find out how to use portfolios here

Member benefits

By signing up as a member of the Voice Community, you get access to high street discounts and can start to build your online presence for less with discounts on website hosting. You’ll also get access to Community-only content, such as catch-ups of our panel talks. 

Be the first to know what's new!

Registering as a Community member is the easiest way to get signed up for our mailing list, where you can hear straight from the Voice team about what’s new on the website, what we’re working on, and new ways you can get involved!

Become a Voice Reviewer

What's the deal?

Every day, Voice is asked to cover events, launches, performances and other arts and cultural events across the UK and online. We are giving YOU the opportunity to cover these events and in return, write a review of the event and upload to Voice!

This role is UK wide. You don’t have to be from the area to attend the event – for example, if you want to travel to another city to see something, you are welcome to do so, but we will not be able to cover expenses.

Tell me more!

This is an unpaid role however you will have access to EVERYTHING we get invited to, so if you’re an avid arts and cultural fan this is your perfect opportunity to become a part of our Voice Reviewers team and see even more! Opportunities are on a first come first served basis. As they come into our inbox we’ll send them out to all reviewers and the first to respond will be allocated the event. In return, we ask that you upload a review of the event within 48 hours of it taking place. This role is for 16+ only.

Apply to be a Voice Contributor

What is a Contributor?

If you are serious about considering a career in the media industry, then signing up to the Contributor programme is a great way of getting your foot in the door. You'll work with Voice editors to deliver the editorial agenda (and help influence it), and get your work professionally edited before it gets released into the world. You'll even get interview access with artists, press tickets and the chance for further paid commissions in the future.

Whether you want to create written, film, photography or audio work, we will help you to develop your ideas from conception to complete article, and include you in the editorial process. And if you’re doing Arts Award, your work will feature in our Arts Award on Voice area too!

What are the key points?

  • The Contributor programme is a three-month training programme, but hopefully you’re open to working with us beyond that
  • You will work on a minimum of five pieces on content, including a final feature that we pay a commission for
  • You’ll be working with the editorial team to support and influence the editorial agenda
  • You should be willing to stretch yourself and try new forms of content creation
  • You need to be UK-based or able to meet virtually during GMT/BST time
  • We love if you have completed an Arts Award, and are keen to share your tips with others
  • We encourage people from all backgrounds and with all abilities to apply!
  • This opportunity is for people over the age of 16

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