Former Voice Contributors

Former Voice Contributors

While we love working with young people to help them develop their skills and explore their passions, there will always come a point when they move on from Voice. Whether they go to university to study, enter a different industry, or progress to a full time position somewhere else, we are proud to have supported their development, and always want to keep in touch to hear what great things they're up to. 

We're always on the lookout for new writers or media-makers with views about the arts. Interested? Find out how to join our network of Voice Contributors. You can also see the current Voice Contributors we work with.

Idriss Assoumanou


Idriss is a film-maker based in Birmingham, UK. His passion for film drives him to be creative and tell better stories through the lens. He believes that writing for Voice has helped him improve his written English, and has been great to get paid commissions to make short films.

Tolu Dada


Tolu is obsessed with drawing, painting and all forms of visual art. She took part in the Gold Arts Award in 2017 as she was passionate about a career in illustration. Tolu applied to Voice in the hope of gaining professional experience and improving my writing skills. She also loved having a platform to express her interest in film and TV.

Joanna Bailey


Joanna is a  freelance journalist, artist and student based in Dartford. She’s inspired by literature, art and media and, when time allows, you'll catch her taking an obsessive number of photos, desperately sketching an abstract digital art portrait or watching an old bucket-listed film.

Jo Nead


Jo is a graduate from RADA's Technical Theatre and Stage Management course with a BA degree, specialising in Stage Management. She now works freelance in Stage Management, as well as writing and reviewing for Voice in any spare time she can find! Whilst on the Voice team, she has completed her Gold Arts Award, reviewed at two Edinburgh Fringe's and two Brighton Fringes, as well as running workshops and helping at events.

Charlotte Boulton


Charlotte is a Media graduate from Newcastle University, She is passionate about media, equality for all and activism through writing! She was a Music Editor for The Courier, her student paper, and love to promote interesting and independent artists. Her dream is to write professionally about activist causes.

Samantha Nead


Sam joined the Voice team in 2016 and since then has written over 150 pieces for the site. She loves reviewing and interviewing at Fringe, and even attended Adelaide Fringe in 2018 as a representative of Voice! As a university student with a travel addiction, she is rarely in one place for long, and hopes to one day actually finish one of the novels she's started, and maybe even have it published.

Madeline Drury


Maddie is  History and Journalism at Goldsmiths University. Alongside her studies she works as a runner for NBC News and learns Spanish. She previously reported for Voice from Hull, City of Culture, Aesthetica Film Festival and Brighton Fringe, as well as covering the nursing shortage.

Ellen Orange


Ellen has a passion for arts and writing, and in 2015 did an MA in Twentieth and Twenty First Century Literature at Durham. Since, she has written for Living North, The Journal and Juice Festival. She’s covered Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Brighton Fringe and Bath Literature Festival.

Franki Hay


Frankie is an aspiring journalist. She’s always been interested in film, music and TV - so being able to publish reviews on Voice gave her a great opportunity to get more involved in critical reviewing.

Grace McCabe


Grace has always been involved in performing arts as a dancer, singer and actress which led her to study Theatre and Drama at Royal Holloway. As such, it will come as no surprise that she spends her spare time performing, developing her writing and photography.

Isabella Colletta


Isabella is a journalist hopeful, with a strong interest in politics and the arts, specifically literature. Whilst writing for Voice, Isabella has explored and cultivated her passion for the arts, examining all its various sectors through writing reviews of theatre performances and exhibitions, and covering various arts festivals within her local area. In her spare time she also enjoys watching every and any costume drama she can find, and writing indulgently about herself in the third person

Luke Taylor


Luke completed his Voice Reporter training in 2016 alongside a Community Arts apprenticeship with Unit Twenty Three in Diss before working as Voice's Administrator. He is now working towards becoming a graphic designer.

Elena Losavio


Elena started at Voice while doing a Master's in English Studies up in Manchester. For Voice, she wrote about theatre, film and contemporary art. She also specialised in women's roles within media and the arts, and created A View from the Other Side for Voice, which was a monthly column on the topic. She occasionally writes short stories about her wanderings in Asia and never says no to new adventures.

Agi K


Agi is a young filmmaker, YouTuber, vlogger and writer. She’s best known for her award-winning series 'My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome)' and her short film 'We The Mountain, We The Sea' screened at Raindance Film Festival 2016. You can find more of her work at

Ashna Ahmad


Ashna is fascinated by all things cultural, from literature to obscure ethnic music. She’s also very into writing poetry and short stories, attempting to be vaguely academic and humorous at the same time.

Charlotte Hooker


Charlotte is a psychology nerd with a huge love for everything theatre and music. While she does her A-Levels (including theatre studies), Charlotte is trying to stay surrounded with arts culture she adores throughout the stresses of the school system. She’s working towards her Gold Arts Award as well, after doing Bronze and Silver, and is constantly working on a new show, either backstage or onstage!

Lucy Dyson


Lucy is a freelance dancer and actor and performing arts teacher based in Yorkshire. She is currently training as a radio presenter and writes articles in her spare time. Lucy trained in performing arts at CAPA College and Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Lucy’s content focuses on dance, drama, theatre and the environment.

Sienna James


Sienna is a gap year student currently travelling Europe and New Zealand. Since first writing for Voice in 2015, she has authored two series: Heritage & Museums and Creative Education. Things Sienna loves: political ideology, smashed avocado on toast, and exploring all Italian art galleries.

Sophie McCarthy


Sophie is a music journalist studying a Music Business degree in London. She's photographed at prestigious venues like the O2 Forum and The Royal Albert Hall and is also a photographer at Punktastic. In her spare time she coaches at a synchronised swimming club having competed at national level while growing up.

Bea Kerry


Bea is an Entomology/Zoology university student interested in anything that helps distract from the mind numbing stream of essays. Politics, environmental issues and mental health are particular passions of Bea's, and on a weekend you can generally find her potting and IDing bugs in the garden with her cat, boyfriend and tortoise.

Saskia Calliste


Saskia Calliste is a MA Publishing gradate at the University of Roehampton. She works as an editorial intern for Fincham Press and has recently finished interning for Barnes Children's Literature Festival. She aspires to have her writing reach broader audiences whilst pursuing a career in publicity. She loves film, cooking, music and literature but writes mostly about her life experiences and the people that make her world go round.

Saskia now works as the Assistant Editor for Voice.

Emily Steer


Emily was Voice's first Content Editor. She co-ordinated festival coverage, reviewed widely herself, developed the Voice Reporter training course and managed content for Arts Award Voice. She brought excellent professional journalism skills to the team as well as up-to-date knowledge of the visual arts world. 

After Voice she became Editor at visual arts magazine, Elephant.

Bhavesh Jadva


Bhavesh was a founding editor of Voice as an 18-year-old from Oldham determined to make it in the media world. Over six years he acted as Media Editor and Arts Award Editor alongside achieving a degree in TV & Broadcasting and an MSc in Social Anthropology. 

He is now working for media companies and is a Voice Associate.

Cath Carver


Cath acted as Voice's Development Manager taking care of brand strategy, marketing and partnerships. A colour expert, urban visionary, artist, writer and creative project lead, Cath is the founder of Colour Your City. She has also led projects and workshops with world-leading organisations such as Greenpeace, TrendWatching, Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion, Blippar, TEDx and the artist Camille Walala.

Impact of Voice

Thanks to the dedication and belief that Upstart Projects has in the importance of youth voice, we at Voice have helped many young people find a home for their opinions, develop their art and cultural critique, and improve engagement with the sector more generally. We've collated some testimonials from the young people we have worked with over the years to highlight the benefits they've experienced personally and professionally.

Impact of Voice