Emotion in Motion: How the Circus saved my life!

A fun-filled, captivating circus performance that has something for everyone to enjoy!

Emotion in Motion: How the Circus saved my life!

Emotion in Motion, a captivating circus performance by Brighton-based group ARCANIC, offers everything you could expect from a thrilling circus experience. From dazzling feats of juggling and acrobatics to mesmerizing belly-dancing and hula-hoop artistry, the performers held the audience spellbound with their professionalism and skill. Their ability to respond to the audience's energy created an electric atmosphere throughout the show.

Between acts, a talented (but not so silent) mime character adds a unique touch, sharing the highs and lows of a circus performer's life. The audience learns about the initial excitement of landing a gig, contrasted with the frustration of unfair wages or even withheld pay – which was very eye-opening to me. Most importantly, he addresses the importance of having such a supportive circus community! 

While audience participation is minimal, with a few volunteer sections and some playful improvisation from the performers, the show maintains a strong connection with the crowd.

A Must-See for All Ages

This vibrant performance is a true highlight of Brighton Fringe! Whether you're attending with family, friends, or on your own, there's something for everyone to enjoy.  (Personally, I found the entire show captivating!)  After the performance, you even have the opportunity to meet the performers and capture a photo with them – a delightful touch that adds to the memorable experience.

Header Image Credit: Arcanic Events


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